Deturs have been awarded by the College to the following members of the Sophomore class for meritorious work during their Freshman year, and to members of the Junior class for sufficient improvement since their Freshman year.

Class of 1900-D. F. Drake, H. A. Yeomans, A. A. Benesch, W. B. Cutting, A. Drinkwater, H. H. Fox, F. C. Gulick, W. Morrow, F. L. Harmond, W. G. Bale, F. W. Morrison, E. D. Bond, O. D. Evans, C. B. Hersey, J. M. Kullmer, W. D. Lambert, C. S. Oakman, W. L. Shaw, C. M. Underwood, H. L. Seaver, H. C. Boynton, W. M. Chadbourne, L. G. Beeley, L. Eaton, A. G. Fuller, P. C. Miller, and R. P. Perry.

Class of '99-J. W. Farley, W. B. Donham and E. B. Wilson.