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In connection with the calling out of the class crews this week it is worth while to call attention to the unusual opportunities offered to candidates this spring. Ever since it was announced that the 'Varsity men would row on their class crews until April there has been a feeling that places in the boats would be harder to get than ever before. Just the contrary is the case, however, as is shown by the announcements made this morning.

It is true, to be sure, that a couple of 'Varsity men are likely to row in each class crew. This will not cut down the squad though, as a four oared race will be held on the same same day as the usual class race in April. After that, twenty men will be taken into the 'Varsity squad, and those who who remain will row another race in May.

In fact the whole object of the change from the old system is to give all men a better show for the 'Varsity, and to give every man of any experience, or of any promise, the benefit of class crew training. That this is the plan, is shown by the fact that in case two races for eights and one for four oars are not sufficient to keep all the likely men busy, Captain Goodrich intends to extend the system still further in order to give every one a chance.

All men therefore who are interested in rowing are requested to join one of the squads. Every effort will be made to give them the best of instruction.