Interscholastic Indoor Meeting.

Worcester Academy won the annual indoor interscholastic games which were held in Mechanics Hall on Saturday afternoon. The star of the meet was J. H. Converse of Hale's School, who broke the record in the running high jump by clearing the bar at 5 ft. 9 1-2 in. and equaled the record of 5 4-5 seconds in the 45 yards low hurdles. W. W. Coe, of of Hopkinson, put the shot 38 ft. 4 3-4 in., making a new record. A. F. Duffy, of Worcester Academy, won the only first place which the academy scored, although their total number of points was 20 7-12. He equaled the record of 4 4-5 sec. in the 40 yard dash.

The English High School team won the relay race from the Worcester High School in 3m. 21s. Worcester High School won second place in the games and Hale's School was third.