The French Play.

All the parts in the French play have now been assigned and rehearsals will be held from now on three times a week. The ballet candidates have been called out and the men for the three dances selected. The ballets are not a part of the play itself, but will be introduced in appropriate places. Mr. Coleman, who trained the men last year, will have entire charge of them this year.

The play, "Le Medicin Malgre Lui," will be performed three times, twice at Brattle Hall, Cambridge, on April 11 and 14, and once at Copley Hall, Boston, on April 12. A dress rehearsal at which only members of the Cercle Francais will be present, will be given the week before. Professor Bocher will lecture on the play in English on Friday, April 8, at 4.30 p. m., in Sever 11.

The complete cast for the play is: Geronte, H. F. Robinson '98; Lucinde, J. W. Frothingham '99; Leandre, G. H. Miffilin 1900; Saganarelle, R. L. Hoguet, '99; Martine, E. L. Dudley 1900; Monsieur Robert, P. J. Sachs 1900; Valere, H. B. Stanton 1900; Lucas, B. F. Bell 1900; Jacqueline, J. H. Holliday 1900; Thibaut, F. W. Morrison 1900; Perrin, R. S. Holland 1900. Of these men Robinson, Hoguet, Frothingham and Dudley had parts in last year's play.

Tickets are already on sale and may be obtained at Herrick's in Boston or of G. McC. Sargent, Manager, 18 Holworthy.