Track Team Notice.

H. H. Fish, Roche, Redpath, D. Grant, Fullerton, Shore, Harris, Holliday, Dunstan, Bush, Antisdel, Applegate, Alexander, Adsit, Boyden, Burton, Blakemore, H. B. Clark, J. G. Clark, Bernstein, Dutton, Dean, Garrison, Greene, Gould, Harrington, Keyes, Phillips, Porter, Ruhl, Plumb, Richardson, E. W. Mills, Rockwell, Suite, Tilden and P. L. Fish will lay off until further notice both in gymnasium and in track work, but if some of the men wish to continue gym. work they can do so at the regular hours. The object of the lay off is to give everyone a rest before the beginning of the regular out-door season.

F. B. Fox, Morse, Warren, Goddard, G. G. Hubbard, Hallowell, A. Adams, Cole, Savage, Adsit, B. E. Wood, E. H. Smith, Ives, Allertson, Edwards, Ledyard, Loines, F. N. Reed, Hitchings, Rorer, Stanwood, H. B. Smith, A. G. Mason, Mann, Ingraham and all other men trying for hurdles will until further notice cease all work with the exception of what they do under Mr. Garcelon on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3.30.

All members of the jumping squad will jump on Wednesdays in the Tech. Gym. at 4 o'clock.

During the lay-off given to the men who have been training all winter there will be a chance to give new candidates much attention under Mr. Lathrop. All men therefore who desire to come out for the team are urged to do so as there is sufficient time to train from now out.