Men Chosen for the Princeton Debate.- Method of Choice at Yale.

The men who are to represent Yale in the coming debate with Princeton were chosen last Saturday evening, in the final competition. They are B. C. Smith '99, J. K. Clark '99, F. E. Richardson '98, H. A. Smyth P. G., and C. H. Studinski 1900 L. S., who debated last year against Harvard. These men are at present on an equal footing and will debate regularly in competition for the final three positions. The system of choosing the debaters is one which has been found best adapted to the circumstances of such a competition. Each department of the University holds its own preliminary trials and selects a number of men, varying from two to eight according to the nature of the department, who compete in the final trials at which Yale's representatives are selected. At these trials each man is allowed to speak twelve minutes from either side of the question and at the close of the debate a prize of $75 is awarded to the best speaker in the academic department. The reason for choosing five men is that by constant debating among themselves each man will gain greater experience, and will use every effort to obtain a final position on the team.