Promenade Concert.

The programme for the Promenade Concert tonight at Music Hall will be as follows:

Offenbach-Sullivan Night.

1. March from "The Serenade," Herbert.

2. Overture, "Orpheus aux Enfers," Offenbach.

3. Waltz, "Harlequin on a Voyage," Zach.

4. Selection, "Gondoliers," Sullivan.

5. Selection, "The Brigands," Offenbach

6. Graceful Dance, Sullivan.

7. Selection, "Grand Duchess,"

8. Overture, "La Jolie Parfumeuse,"

9. Waltz, "Grubenlichter," Zeller.

10. Selection, "Pirates of Penzance," Sullivan.

11. Love's Dream after the Ball," Czibulka.

12. March, "Up the Street," Morse.