Shooting Club.

The shoot for the Founder's Cup yesterday afternoon was won for the fourth time by P, Bancroft '99, with a score of 13 birds out of a possible 15. B. S. Blake 1901 was second with 11. After the shoot J. McD. Campbell '99 was elected captain in place of P. Dove '98, resigned.

The Intercollegiaie Shooting Association will hold its first shoot at New Haven tomorrow. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, and Columbla will compete. Each man will shoot at thirty birds flown at unknown angles. The prizes will be the Intercollegiate Cup for the winning college, a team cup, and a cup for the best individual score.

The following six men will go to New Haven and five of them will be chosen as the team: J. McD. C3mpbell '99, P. Bancroft '99, E. Mallinckrodt 1900, H. W. Dana 1900, H. W. Sanford 1900, and B. S. Blake 1901.