Official Notice.

COMMENCEMENT PARTS.- Unsuccessful applicants for Commencement Parts may have their manuscripts by calling at U. 4.

HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY.- Students who leave Cambridge for the Vacation must first return all books borowed from the Library.

ENGLISH BC.- Seniors may obtain their manuscripts at 18 Little's Block, today, from ten till one.

NOTICE TO SENIORS.- English A: Members of this course during the academic year 1894-95 may obtain their themes in Sever 1. Among the themes are those of men who left college early, of men who have gone to the war, and of men who have died. I shall esteem it a favor if friends of these men will see that their themes reach the hands of those to whom they should go.

B. S. HURLBUT.ENGLISH B, English 22, Section II.- Themes written in the year 1895-96 will be returned to Seniors at 18 Grays Hall today, 9-10 a. m. Themes not called for will be destroyed.

RIFLE PRACTICE.- Members of the battalion who have not fired the full number of rounds are requested to do so as soon as possible. The range will be open every day except Sunday from 1.30 to 4.30 p. m. The re-loaded cartridges are now available. They are better than the old ones and cost fifteen cents for ten rounds.

W. S. BURKE.ENGLISH 6.- I shall be at Little's 7 to confer with any members of the course who may wish to see me regarding their year's work, this morning, from 9.30-1.