Trophy Room Improvements.

The Trophy Room Committee, which consists of Dr. A. C. Coolidge, J. F. Perkins '99, G. D. Marvin '99, F. R. Nourse '99 and J. W. Edmunds '98, have made final arrangements with Pach Bros. for the refitting of the trophy room in the Hemenway Gymnasium. There has been in the room much that did not properly belong there, and so the committee has been endeavoring to collect there all those tropies and pictures, and only those, which are representative of the University athletics. Pach Brothers have arranged to frame and hang in the room a complete set of photographs of winning 'Varsity teams, all 'Varsity crews, all 'Varsity football elevens which have won the Pennsylvania, Princeton or Yale games, and all 'Varsity nines which have won the Princeton or Yale series. Also winning Freshman teams and champion lacrosse and cricket teams. Every trophy representing the University's victories will be placed in the room.

The pictures will be framed uniformly and with the names of the men marked on the mats. The glass case with shelves, for cups, etc., is protected by an iron railing.