New York Graduates Add $15,000 to their Subscription.--Plans of New House.

The Harvard graduates of New York will give an additional $15,000 towards the construction of the University boat house, which, in addition to the insurance received from the old building, will bring the total cost of the new structure to $43,000. The entire amount has come from the same source.

Work on the new honse will soon be commenced on the basis of an entirely new set of plans. It is practically decided that the house will be built of brick with mill construction inside in order to lessen the destructive effect of fire. New plans have been drawn up by the former architects, Peabody and Stearns of Boston, and only the approval of the Harvard Club of New York is awaited before construction begins. The foundations of the burned building will be used after a slight re-enforcement has been made for sustaining the heavy brick walls. The building will not be ready for use this year.