Student Volunteer Work

Since the recess closed, a larger number of men than usual have offered to assist the Student Volunteer Committee, although a great many more are still needed. The officers of the committee are: J. H. Ropes '89, chairman; D. F. Drake '00, treasurer; E. C. Stern '01, secretary.

The nature of the work, which is three-fold, is philanthropic rather than religious. A man is given a family to look after by the Associated Charities of Boston, and it is his duty to help it in any way he can, and to make occasional reports. The Home Libraries, which are connected with the Children's Aid Society, are distributed in batches of twenty books throughout the tenement districts, for the use of children. It is the duty of the man who undertakes this work to meet the children in his group once a week, and to comment on their reading. The work upon which the most emphasis is laid this year by the committee is connected with the Boys Club. A number of boys in Boston are formed into a club, and two or three men are put in charge of it for the purpose of affording amusement to its members.