Fact and Rumor

The Cambridge City Council and Board of Aldermen passed a measure last night to the effect that the mayor petition the state legislature for such legislation as will provide for the assessment of a tax upon the real estate of the University, and for the payment of such tax out of the state treasury. Further action in the matter will be deferred until similar petitions have been sent in by other college towns in the state.

Princeton University has had two units of installation allotted to it at the Paris Exposition and the disposal of the exhibit has almost been settled. One set of wing frames will be devoted to charts showing Princeton's historical and educational growth, and upon the other set will be mounted thirty-four photographs of the buildings and grounds, accompanied by English, French and German inscriptions showing the place of each in the college life. The book shelves below the cases will contain catalogues for many years past as well as sample volumes of several of the university periodicals.