Class Day Notice.

Attention of Seniors is called to the notice below. It is important that men whose names do not appear in the class list should notify the committee at once, since this list, when completed, will be used in sending out important Class Day notices; and, furthermore, no man whose name is not in the list will be allowed to buy Class Day tickets at any sale to Seniors, when tickets are sold at reduced rates. Those who notify the committee of the omiss on of their names will be added to the list unless they hear to the contrary.


Lists of the Senior Class have been posted in the CRIMSON office, in Memorial Hall and in Randall Hall. The Class Day Committee requests any man who is a Senior or who has been at any time identified with the class of 1900, and who is not in the list, to notify R.W. Bliss, 23 Holworthy Hall. Class Day Committee.