Sixth Consecutive Victory in the Tournament at New York.

The eighth annual intercollegiate chess tournament, which took place at New York during the Christmas recess, resulted in a victory for Harvard, with Columbia second, Yale third, and Princeton last. This was Harvard's sixth consecutive victory. E. R. Perry '03, by winning four and drawing two of his six games, won the highest individual honors. C. T. Rice '01 tied for third position, with three victories and two drawn games to his credit.

The tournament was held in the rooms of the Columbia Grammar School. Play began on Monday, December 25, and lasted until Saturday, December 30. Harvard and Columbia were so evenly matched that the result was in doubt until the last game had been played. Harvard led until the third round, when victories by Falk (C) and Sewall (C), and an adjourned game between Rice (H) and Hunt (P) gave Columbia the lead. The Rice-Hunt game was later adjidiciated in favor of Harvard and, by the fifth day's play. Harvard had again taken the lead which she successfully held until the end.

The results of each day's play and the points scored were as follows:

Monday, Dec. 25.

Perry (H) defeated Falk (C).

Cook (Y) drew with Henley (P).

Sewall (C) defeated Hunt (P).

Rice (H) defeated Morgan (Y).

Score -- Harvard, 2; Columbia, 1; Yale 1-2; Princeton, 1-2.

Tuesday, Dec. 26.

Falk (C) drew with Cook (Y).

Perry (H) defeated Henley (P).

Sewall (C) defeated Rice (H).

Morgan (Y) drew with Hunt (P.).

Score--Harvard, 3; Columbia, 2 1-2; Yale 1 1-2; Princeton, 1.

Wednesday, Dec. 27.

Falk (C) defeated Henley (P).

Cook (Y) drew with Perry (H).

Sewall (C) defeated Morgan (Y).

Rice (H) defeated Hunt (P).

Score--Harvard, 4 1-2; Columbia, 4 1-2; Yale 2; Princeton, 1.

Thursday, Dec. 28.

Rice (H) drew with Falk (C).

Perry (H) drew with Sewall (C).

Cook (Y) defeated Hunt (P).

Henley (P) drew with Morgan (Y).

Score--Harvard, 5 1-2; Columbia, 5 1-2; Yale, 3 1-2; Princeton 1 1-2.

Friday, December 29.

Falk (C) defeated Morgan (Y).

Perry (H) defeated Hunt (P).

Cook (Y) defeated Sewall (C).

Rice (H) defeated Henley (P).

Score--Harvard, 7 1-2; Columbia, 6 1-2; Yale, 1 1-2; Princeton, 1 1-2.

Saturday, December 30.

Falk (C) defeated Hunt (P).

Perry (H) defeated Morgan (Y).

Rice (H) drew with Cook (Y).

Sewall (C) defeated Henley (P).

The final score in games was:   Won.  Lost. Harvard,  9  3 Columbia,  8 1/2  3 1/2 Yale,  5  7 Princeton,  1 1/2  10 1/2 The individual scores were:   Won.  Lost. Perry (H)  5  1 Sewall (C)  4 1/2  1 1/2 Rice (H)  4  2 Falk (C)  4  2 Cook (Y)  4  2 Henley (P)  1  5 Hunt (P)  1/2  5 1/2

At a meeting of the players held on December 30, the rule relating to the number of years which a player is allowed to compete was changed from five to four years, in order to place the contestants in the chess tournaments under the same eligibility rules as those of other intercollegiate contestants. A resolution was also adopted to ask the Board of Directors to consider the advisability of altering the rules in order that each college should be represented by four men instead of two and that the tournaments should then be played in teams, to be concluded in three days instead of six. Falk and Sewall of Columbia were selected to make the necessary arrangements for the cable match against Oxford and Cambridge to be played next spring.