Cricket Team.

At a meeting of the candidates for the cricket team held last night the following men handed in their names: C. Morton '00, P. F. Brown '01, R. F. Flint '01, J. O. Carson '02, G. A. England '02, W. R. Spofford '02, J. H. White '03, W. N. Taylor '03, F. Fisher '03, J. P. Hogan '03, W. M. Lloyd '03, H. W. Dana '03, R. S. Clark Sp., A. S. Hewins Sp.

Indoor practice, which will be begun at once, will be daily, and much attention will be given to individual coaching. Novices will be specially instructed in order that they may have some knowledge of the elements of the game when the outdoor practice commences. The season will begin about May 1. No schedule has yet been arranged, but several practice games will be played with neighboring teams.