Freshman Squad Divided

Yesterday afternoon the Freshman squad numbering fifty-five men, was divided up into three regular teams. The greater part of the afternoon was spent in running the teams through signals and practicing formation plays. Of the mass plays the tandem formation seemed to be the best executed although the line lacked promptness in getting underway.

In the short half between the first and the third elevens both teams showed creditable offensive work. In the first few minutes of play the third eleven by a series of line plunges brought the ball to the five yard line where it was lost on a fumble. Burgess of the first eleven during these plays showed up particularly well in his tackling. From the five yard line the first eleven, chiefly by the plays of Pruyn and Parker, scored a touchdown. The teams are at present lined up as follows:

First eleven--Burgess, r.e.; Jones, r.t.; Jackson, r.g.; Bleakie, c.; Rainsford, r.g.; Mackay, l.t.; Hutchinson, l.e.; Marshall, q.b.; Lindsay, r.h.b.; Pruyn l.h.b.; Philips, f.b.

Second eleven--Lane, r.t.; Dodge, r.t.; Scott, r.g.; Coburn, c.; Donald, l.g.; Kent, l.t.; Harrison, l.e.; Thayer, q.b.; Blagden, r.h.b.; Cruger, l.h.b.; Parmelee, f.b.

Third eleven--Clark, r.e.; Moseley, r.t.; Pierce, r.g.; Swift, c.; Dunbar, l.g.; Clapp, l.t.; Holwill, l.e.; Carpenter, q.b.; Goodhue, r.h.b.; Maynard, l.h.b.; Arensburg, f.b.