Fall Chess Tournament.

The first round of the annual fall chess tournament will be played between now and the first of November. The twenty-five men entered have been divided into five sections, each man to play every other man in his section. The two players in each section making the highest scores will then enter the semifinal round. The ten men selected thus from the five sections, will then be divided into two sections and the two best players from each section will enter the final round, in which R. R. Perry, C. F. C. Arensberg and C. T. Rice of last year's team will also enter. The four best players in the final round will represent Harvard in the Intercollegiate Chess Tournament during Christmas week.

Every man is expected to make his own arrangements for playing his schedule and the result of each game in to be handed in at 51 Thayer Hall by both players. Games not played will be forfeited by the responsible person and all disputes will be settled by the executive committee of the Chess Club. The sections with the addresses of the players are posted in the CRIMSON office.

The following men have entered the tournament: E. W. Baker '04, R. A. Blakemore '04, N. Bosworth 1L., R. B. Bowier '02, E. G. Burnham '04, E. H. Abbot, Jr., '03, A. R. Campbell 2L., W. G. Clerk '01, H. Crawley, 2G., O. A. Daudt '01, E. R. Davol '02, R. M. Davis '03, P. S. Estes '04, B. D. Foster '04, A. J. Fotch '01, C. E. Lakeman '04, M. B. Long '02, R. W. Lynn '04, W. H. Lough, Jr., '01, W. H. Pitkin, Jr., '02, L. W. Riddle '02, W. E. Sachs '04, R. C. Wells '01, and C. H. Wyman.