Football at Yale and U. of P.

With Olcott, right guard last year, at centre, and Brown and Sheldon as guards, Yale's centre trio promises to be very strong this year. Stillman is again playing right tackle, and Bloomer, a Freshman from Andover, is doing very effective work at left tackle. The ends, Gould and Coy, are improving, especially in getting down the field under kicks. Neither Wear nor Fincke is doing satisfactory work at quarter, both being erratic in their passing. Of a large number of backfield candidates, Sharpe and Chadwick are doing the best work at end running. Hale has shown himself the best candidate for bucking the line.

Pennsylvania's two games last week were both against light teams, so the high scores probably indicate but little. In general the play is slow, owing to the fact that Hare is giving signals from guard. Hare and McCracken are getting into their old form, and among the new men, Graves at quarter and Gillmore at half are doing the best work. Graves is very strong in punting and has shown considerable ability in running the ball back on kicks.

The same general policy as usual is being followed this year, with all its attendant faults. The offense is being carefully developed at the expense of the defense. Although this plan may result in large scores against weak teams, and consequent over-confidence, its real dangers are apparent in the games in which Pennsylvania plays against a team with a fast offense. The line-men, chosen for their ability to run with the ball, cannot meet a determined attack, as the last two Harvard games have shown. Again, the amount of work on the eleven that Captain Hare attempts, and the practice of giving the signals from his position at guard, of necessity detracts from the team play.