Pierian Sodality Concerts.

The Pierian Sodality will give the first of a series of popular concerts in Sanders Theatre on Nov. 20. Tickets for reserved seats are on sale at Sanborn's at 25 cents each. These tickets are good only until 8 o'clock on the night of the concert; after that the doors will be opened to the members of the University and their friends. The concert will begin at 8.15 promptly.

This year there is to be an entirely new feature in the Pierian concerts. Members of the University will take the place of the professional singers heretofore engaged. At the first concert selections will be sung by C. W. Locke '01, baritone, and the following will also take part; C. L. Ellison '01, piano, P. M. Brown '02, cello; and G. E. Marble '01, violin.