The Pierian Sodality.

The Pierian Sodality, from both a musical and a financial standpoint, is now in better shape than at any time in its history. Since the beginning of the year the management has carried out the policy of retaining only such men as could regularly attend rehearsals, and although in consequence the orchestra has been somewhat cut down, the plan has proved, on the whole, to be decidedly beneficial.

Mr. Strube, of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is to coach the Sodality for a public concert to be given in Sanders in the latter part of March. The "Harvard Camp March," a new piece of music by H. H. Fox '00, will be played at this concert.

It is planned to give later a concert at the University Club in Boston and another at Chelsea. Some time in June a free concert will be given for the benefit of the College.

The following men are now playing regularly:

First violins--H. R. Johnson '00, F. F. Collier 1L., R. C. Van Amringe '03, E. Euston '00, G. E. Marble '01, F. Palmer, Jr., '01, N. G. Reoch '01, F. Dohs, L. Mendelsohn '01, R. S. Usher '01, C. A. Hosmer '02.

Second violins--H. H. Fox '00, G. Blake '01, H. L. Wells Sp., F. P. Holmes '03, M. P. Butler '03, W. Kittridge '06, E. W. Shirk '02, C. B. Palmer '01, J. F. Crokyn '03, P. H. Shinn '01, W. A. Love Sp., R. S. Coutant '03, A. D. Ronimus '03.

Viola--J. B. Gore '00.

Cellos--E. Sachs '00, A. Sachs '01, H. Strauss '03, L. P. Burnham '02.

Flutes--J. H. Shirk '02, K. F. Wirt '00, F. L. Lutz '02, R. C. Rathbone 2L.

Clarinets--H. C. Boynton '00, P. S. Smith '02, P. H. Cram '02.

French horns--G. L. Patterson sp. Dv., E. N. Clark '03.

Cornets--C. Norton '00, F. H. Kirmayer '00.

Trombone--J. Murray '03.

Bass--R. J. Moore '00.

Saxophone--M. J. Welborn Sp.

Tympani--H. L. Crane.

Drum--G. F. Furlong '00.