Newell Rowing Coach.

Mr. Harry Vail, who has just been engaged to coach the Newell crews, is a native of St. John, New Brunswick. He has been a professional oarsman for twenty years, and has had experience in many races in the Provinces and in this country. Since he began coaching in St. John in 1883, Mr. Vail has been very successful in turning out winning crews. Most of his work in this country has been done in Baltimore, Md., where from 1892-96 he had charge of the crews of the Ariel Boat Club. In 1892 the junior four of that club won the international championship at Saratoga, and the same crew again won the championship the next year on the Schuylkill River. In 1896 the intermediate four of the Ariel Club won the international championship at Saratoga, and the eight-oared crew of the Baltimore Athletic Association, which Mr. Vail also coached, won the eight-oared championship. In 1989 Mr. Vail had charge of the Vesper Boat Club of Philadelphia, whose crew defeated that of the Philadelphia Barge Club, the holder of the United States championship for the two years previous.