The Debating Clubs.

In order to stimulate interest in debating and draw out a large number of candidates at the trials for the Yale debate, the four class debating clubs will hold a joint meeting in the Fogg Lecture Room on February 15. At this meeting gold medals will be presented to the members of the University team which defeated Princeton last December, and pewter cups to the Senior Wranglers who defeated the Y. M. C. A. Congress and to the Freshman Debating Club representatives who beat the Worcester Classical High School. The speakers at the meeting will probably be T. Jefferson Coolidge '84, R. C. Surbridge '89, A. P. Stone '93, Senator F. W. Dallinger '93, Professor Strobel and R. C. Bolling '00.

The following officers of the University Debating Club have been elected for the second half year: President, S. B. Rosenthal 2L.; vice president, R. B. Bruce '02; secretary H. W. Bowker '01; treasurer, H. F. Wolff 1L.