Gymnastic Contest Today.

A gymnastic contest will be held in the Gymnasium this afternoon at 3.30 in which about fifteen men are expected to compete. On the merits of this contest a team of five men will be chosen to represent Harvard at the meeting of the Intercollegiate Gymnastic Association, which will take place at the Columbia University Gymnasium on March 23. The events this afternoon will be held in the following order: 1, single tumbling; 2, parallel bars; 3, side horse; 4, flying rings; 5, swinging clubs; 6, horizontal bar; 7, double tumbling. The judges are Dr. Sargent, Mr. Dohs and Mr. Lathrop.

The rules governing the intercollegiate contest provide that no college shall enter more than five men in any event, nor start more than three. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be given to the first, second and third man in each event, and a banner in the colors of the winning college and valued at $25 will be awarded to the winning team. It is further provided that each team may have a special event, and it is probable that the Harvard team will present double tumbling. Silver cups will be awarded to the winners of the special event. In the contest in New York between fifteen and twenty colleges will be represented, among them being, besides Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Columbia and Harverford.