The Interscholastic Games.

Worcester High School won permanent possession of the interscholastic trophy at the games in Mechanic's Hall Saturday night, with the score of 22 1-3 points, Hopkinson School was second with 13 points and Boston English High School third with nine.

The games were very closely contested in almost every event. W.M. Moran of the Worcester High School, won the 1000-yard run in 2m. 29 3-5s., breaking the interscholastic record by three-fifths of a second. In the 40-yard dash the record of 4 3-5 seconds was twice equalled by F.B. Scheuber of Hopkinson School, in the finals and semi-finals. Scheuber also made the largest individual score of the evening, scoring all of the thirteen points credited to Hopkinson.