Freshman Baseball.

The Freshman baseball squad was cut down for the fifth time Saturday afternoon and is now reduced to twenty-two men. The team is still weak at first base and behind the bat, but the infield is fairly promising. There is excellent pitching material. As there have been only two days of out-door practice, very little can be said of the outfield. Saturday afternoon two nines were picked and a five inning game was played. The following men, not including the batteries, make up the squad: First base--Baldwin, Foster, Lancy; second base--Daly, Jackson, Black; third base -- Forsman, Story; shortstop--G. M. Leonard, Noyes, Van Amringe; outfield -- J. G. Coleman, Comins, Chace, Dever, Winsor, Kelly, Minton, McCall, Emmons, Torey.