American Players Lose.

The second international chess match between the universities of England and America resulted in a victory for Oxford and Cambridge by a score of 4 1-2 to 1 1-2. The two Harvard members of the team won the only points for the American side. F. G. Hopkins '00 who was matched against Soddy of Oxford, won his game easily. C. T. Rice '01 played Tattersall, who was considered the strongest man on the British team, and in the most brilliant game of the match finally secured a draw with his opponent.

The scores: United States.  Great Britain. Won.  Won. Rice,  1/2  Tattersall,  1/2 Hunt,  0  Softlaw,  1 Sewall,  0  Ellis,  1 Cook,  0  George,  1 Hopkins,  1  Soddy,  0 Austell,  0  Wiles,  1 Total,  1 1/2  Total,  4 1/2