The "Veritas."

The Weld launch "Veritas" arrived last week from the Morris Heights shipyard in time for the rowing on Thursday. The cradle in which she is taken out of the water was laid beside the Weld boat-house and the launch itself moored by the coal wharf opposite. She has proved satisfactory in all but two particulars -- in turning she requires more room than was expected, and in starting she is not quick to gather headway, which often allows a crew to get out of reach. Her wake, however, is slight and does not seriously bother passing crews.

In appearance she is not nearly so graceful as the "John Harvard," chiefly on account of her stern which is square and of darker wood than the rest of the boat which makes it especially prominent. The rudder is fastened to the stern as in an ordinary row boat. The interior of the launch is large and affords plenty of room for coaching and for spectators.