Deutscher Verein Play

"Die Missverstandnisse," a short farce by August von Steigentesch, will be given by the Deutscher Verein tonight in Roberts Hall. There will be a meeting of the society at 7.30, and the play will begin about 8 o'clock. Members may bring their friends on payment of 50 cents for each. Following is the cast: Baron von Werdenbach,  W. S. Gierasch '02. Luise,  D. Wight '02. Clara;  G. H. Mifflin '00. Wiese,  A. Sachs '01. Salt,  A. S. Dixey '02.

When the play opens, Wiese is engaged to marry the heroine, Luise, though he has never seen her. He and Salt finally decide to pay her a visit, and at Wiese's request each pretends to be the other. In this way Wiese hopes to see his fiancee and discover whether she suits him, as he is free to withdraw from his engagement if she does not. The two meet Luise with her father, and many complications follow. Salt and Luise have met before, and now fall in love again. Wiese gives way to them and the play ends with their marriage.