Trial Races Today

The races between the various club class crews, to decide which will represent their respective classes in the regular race next week, will be rowed down-stream this afternoon in the following order: 1902, 5; 1901, 5.30; 1900, 6. On account of the illness of two men in the Newell Law School-boat the Law School race will be postponed until Monday. The second crews will race on Saturday afternoon.

Following is the final order of the crews to compete today:

Newell 1900--Stroke, Harding; 7, Higginson; 6, Fitzgerald; 5, Biddle; 4, Gale; 3, Gray; 2, Byrd; bow, Bolling; cox., Goodridge.

Weld 1900--Stroke, Morrill; 7, Palmer; 6, Tilton; 5, Martin; 4, Holden; 3, Sher burne; 2, Hawes; bow, Ayer; cox., Cole.

Newell 1901--Stroke, Gerrish; 7, J. Lawrence; 6, Gilchrist; 5, McConnell; 4, Peyton; 3, Henderson; 2, Cunningham; bow, Hawkins; cox., Howe.

Weld 1901--Stroke, Evans; 7, Brainerd; 6, Wheelwright; 5, Ivins; 4, Gray; 3, DuBois; 2, Locke; bow, Blake; cox., Goodwin.

Newell 1902--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Goodell; 6, Bullard; 5, Platt; 4, R. Lawrence; 3, Merritt; 2, Atkinson; bow, Morris; cox., Jackson.

Weld 1902--Stroke, Bancroft; 7, Ladd; 6, Shuebruk; 5, Emory; 4, Colby; 3, Grew; 2, Brooks; bow, Covel; cox., Boothby.

In the drawing for positions last night the Newell crews obtained the wall in all three races.