Freshmen vs. M. I. T. '02.

The Freshman nine will play Massachusetts Institute of Technology '02 on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The Freshmen have improved in batting during the last few days, and the return of Baldwin to first base has added further strength. Both teams have played games with Dean Academy, the Freshmen winning by the score of 3 to 0, and M. I. T. '02 by 4 to 1. Freshmen.  M. I. T. Dever, r.f.  c., Pond. Jackson, 2b.  p., Foote. Clarkson, p.  1b., Gannett. Story, 3b.  2b., Sawyer. Comins, l.f.  s.s., Patch. Baldwin, 1b.  3b., Chapman. Black, c.f.  l.f., Fish. Van Amringe, s.s.  c.f., Franklin. Marean, Bartlett, c.  r.f., Gardner.