Intercollegiate Golf.

Golf at the larger universities is now well under way with excellent chances of a successful season. An opportunity to meet one another, however, will not be had this year owing to the action of the Intercollegiate Golf Association in voting to discontinue this event. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Pennsylvania, everything considered, have at present about equal prospects.

At Harvard the fact that there is an abundance of players old and new to draw upon is counterbalanced by the lack of a course. In place of the old practice links on the Adams estate the players are now obliged to join the Oakley Club, the only course in easy reach of College. This fact in a great measure prevents the coming out of raw material. As a nucleus of players Harvard has J. G. Averill 1G., O. W. Richardson 1L., G. M. Wheelock '01, C. R. Henderson, Jr., '01, and C. Bell '00. G. C. Clark '01, last year's president and captain, is at present unable to play on account of baseball.

Yale has been fortunate in having both players and suitable grounds. Active work has been going on for some time. The first game was played on the twenty first of last month when a victory was gained over the Hantford Golf Club by a score of 6 to 4. The Yale team was made up of T. L. Cheney, L. P. Myers, P. Cheney; C. D. Barnes, T. Hull and C. Hitchcock. Havemeyer and Robertson did not compete.

The fact that the new golf links at Princeton have not yet been completed puts that university somewhat in the position of Harvard. This course when completed will be over 6000 yards in length. Among the candidates for this year's team are S. B. Garretson, J. Stuart, J. A. Blair; Jr., A. D. Childs, C. M. Murphy and D. Benner.

The University of Pennsylvania played its opening match last Wednesday when it defeated a neighboring club by the score of 10 to 8. The members of the team at present are C. Dixon, W. Potter, E. F. Hinkle, T. D. Smith, and J. S. Patterson.