Trial Race to Pick University Squad will be Rowed Down-stream at 3 o'clock.

The four graded club crews from which the University crew squad is to be picked will race down stream over the regular class crew course at 3 o'clock this afternoon, weather conditions permitting. The drawings for position resulted as follows: Outside course, First Weld; next, First Newell; next, Second Weld, wall, Second Newell.

The first crews have now been unchanged for some time and have had enough work to shake well together. The second crews have been less fortunate. The Weld eight has sustained two losses within a day or two; Morrill at stroke was obliged to stop rowing on account of an attack of neuralgia and gave place to Locke, who, although a smooth oar, has less life and dash. Ivins at 5 was laid off on Saturday by a sprain, and his place was taken by Colby, who will row in the race. In the Newell crew, Gilchrist at 4, was yesterday obliged to stop work on account of a sprained wrist; Bullard moved down to 4, Cunningham going in at 2.

The University squad of 16 men will be picked immediately after the race and will probably be announced Wednesday.

The summary:

First Weld--Stroke, G. Bancroft; 7, Ladd; 6, H. Bancroft (capt.); 5, Wood; 4, Tilton; 3, Emory; 2, Evans; bow, DuBois; cox., Wadleigh.

First Newell--Stroke, Higginson (capt.); 7, Biddle; 6, Sheafe; 5, J. Lawrence; 4, Fitzgerald; 3, McConnell; 2, Harding; bow, Goodell; cox., Howe.

Second Weld--Stroke, Locke; 7, Martin; 6, Burton; 5, Colby; 4, Shuebruk; 3, Grew; 2, Holden; bow, Shepherd (capt).; cox., Goodwin.

Second Newell--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Blake (capt.); 6, Gale; 5, Henderson; 4, Bullard; 3, Swaim; 2, Cunningham; bow, Morris; cox., Jackson.