Yale News.

During the past week there have been no changes in either the University or college crews. Their orders are: University crew--Stroke, Cameron; 7, Blagden; 6, Allen; 5, Auchincloss, 4, Wickes; 3, Niedecken; 2, Mitchell; bow, Atkinson. College crew--Stroke, Williams; 7, Cross; 6, Brock; 5, Newport; 4, Kunzig; 3, Hooker; 2, Warmoth; bow, Minor.

The University crew made two attempts last week to go over the four mile course, but on each occasion the rough water nearly swamped the boat after a mile and a half. The two crews have been given frequent races for short stretches and increased steadiness has resulted. Dr. Gallaudet has lately been devoting most of his attention to the college crew, in preparation for its race with Annapolis. Yale has eleven crews in training: Two university eights, five class boats (two from the freshman class), and four scrub crews.

The team which will debate against Princeton on May 8 has been chosen as follows: F. A. Lord L. S., Mason Trowbridge '02 and C. W. Merriam T. G. Lord debated against Princeton last year, and Trowbridge spoke in this year's Harvard debate. The question will be: "Resolved, That the Hay-Pauncefote treaty should be ratified in the form in which it was originally sent to the Senate."