Intercollegiate Chess Tournament.

A radical change has been made in the method of playing the intercollegiate chess tournament, which will be held as usual next Christmas in New York.

The teams next year will consist of four men instead of two, and all the games will be played within three days instead of six. For Harvard's team C. T. Rice '01 and C. F. C. Arensberg '01 are the only men at all sure of places. Since the meetings of the Chess Club have been discontinued for the year, there will be some difficulty in completing the team. Men who are interested in chess are advised to get as much practice as possible during the summer, and to enter the university tournament, from which the team will be picked next fall.

The intercollegiate chess cup, won by Harvard last Christmas, is still in New York, but will probably be brought to Cambridge some time in the next two weeks.