Rowing Notes

The University crew squad is still rowing in two eights, called the first and second, but these are not yet graded so that one can be called the University crew to the exclusion of the men in the other boat. Before very long, however, a selection will be made, but two full eights will be kept in training until just before the crew goes to new London, which will be about June 14. Red Top will be occupied again this year. Davy has the new University shell nearly finished, and is well started on a boat for the Freshmen, who are now rowing in shells loaned by the Weld and Newell clubs. The new oars to go with the University shell have just arrived from Donahue. The "John Harvard" was brought back Wednesday from Lawley's shipyard, where a protecting plate was fixed over the engineer's steering wheel, to prevent further accidents from obstacles catching in the spokes. A leak in the condenser was also repaired, and it is thought that the launch will now make better speed.

Four eights are still retained for the Freshman squad, but they will be cut down somewhat today or tomorrow, and when a still further reduction is made, probably next week, those who remain will be taken to training table. The Freshmen will race the Worcester High School on Lake Quinsigamond for a mile and a half on May 26.

At the Weld Club the pictures of last year's crews have been hung in the trophy room, and cups have been ordered for the winners in this year's fall regatta. A new engineer will be engaged within a day or two for the "Veritas"; in the meantime Donovan is coaching the graded crews from a single.