Camera Club Studio

The Camera Club is now completing its plans for the proposed new studio. Instead of renting a room for the use of the members, the intention is to erect a small building and to equip it fully with the conveniences for photography. The structure, which will cost about $1000, will contain three important features. In the basement there will probably be a dark room, including all the necessary appliances for developing. The rest of the building will be devoted to an exhibition room and to a studio, with special facilities for portrait work. Club meetings and prize contests will be held in the exhibition room, which will also serve as a general meeting place and as a gallery for the display of the best work done annually by members of the club. The most important part, however, will be the studio. It is almost impossible to secure proper light and shade effects for good portrait work, without the aid of a properly arranged sky-light and curtains, and obviously such aid is not to be had by the average amateur except through such means as the studio is expected to supply.

The sit of the building has not been determined positively. The Corporation will probably be asked to allow its erection on Holmes Field, near the old hospital building, now used by the Architectural School. Of the $1000 required for the project, $300 has already been raised.