A Time-Row Yesterday.

The two University crews raced yesterday over the three and three-eighths mile course, from the Weld Boat House to the Union Boat Club. The first eight gave the second a start of twenty seconds and did not lap them until they reached Harvard Bridge. From there to the finish the first crew steadily gained, finally winning by about two feet; time, 18.12. The eights were fortunate in finding the bridges all clear, but in passing under Harvard Bridge the first crew was slightly hindered by their oars hitting a pile beneath the water. The men were brought back from the finish in the launch.

First--Stroke, G. Bancroft; 7, Sheafe; 6, H. Bancroft; 5, Ladd; 4, Bullard; 3 Wood; 2, Emory; bow, Goodell; coxswain, Wadleigh.

Second -- Stroke, Evans; 7, Biddle; 6, Shuebruk; 5, Lawrence; 4, Henderson; 3, McConnell; 2, Fitzgerald; bow, DuBois; coxswain, Howe.