Meeting of Overseers.

At a special meeting of the Board of Overseers, yesterday morning, it was voted to concur with the President and Fellows in the election of Abbott Lawrence Lowell, A. B., LL.B., professor of the science of government, to serve from September 1, 1900;-in the reappoint-of George Pierce Baker, A.B., assistant professor of English, and Wallace Clement Sabine, A.M., assistant professor of physics, both for five years from September 1, 1900; in the appointment of Robert DeCourcy Ward, A.M., assistant professor of climatology for five years from September 1, 1900; Jeremiah Denis Matthias Ford, Ph D., instructor in French from September 1, 1900. It was also voted to appoint the following inspectors of elections: Charles L. DeNormandie '93, principal; Albert Hale '93, Robert Homans '94, W. Rodman Peabody '95, and Robert Walcott '95, assistants.