Summer School Instructors.

An unusually large number of students have signified their intention of attending Summer School this year. The session will open on July 5 and will close August 15. The following instructors have been appointed in the various courses: In Greek, Professor Wright, Dr. Keep, and Mr. George H. Chase; in Latin, Professor Greenough, Dr. Moore and Mr. Henry N. Prescott; in English, Professor Baker, Mr. Hurlbut, Mr. Schofield, Mr. Hart, Mr. Young, Mr. Huntington, Mr. Greenough and Mr. Gentner; in Reading and Speaking, Mr. I. L. Winter; in German, Professor Schilling and Dr. Poll; in French, Professor de Sumichrast; in Spanish, Dr. Ford; in History, Professor Hart, Professor Macvane, Dr. Botsford, Dr. Cross, Mr. Chadwick and Mr. Warren; in Psychology; Dr. MacDougall; in Education, Professor Hanus and Mr. Norton; in Theory of Design, Dr. Ross, Mr. Clark and Mr. Swan; in Mathematics, Dr. Smith, Mr. Love, Mr. Ashton and Dr. Campbell; in Astronomy, Mr. Reed; in Engineering, Mr. Turner; in Shopwork, Professor Burke; in Physics, Professor Sabine, Mr. McElfresh and Mr. Collins; in Chemistry, Dr. Torrey, Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Black; in Botany, Mr. Olive and Mr. King; in Geology, Professor Shaler, Professor Brigham, Mr. Woodworth and Mr. Woodman; in Geography, Professor Davis and Mr. Burr; in Mineralogy, Dr. Eakle; in Physical Training, Dr. Sargent.