Harvard vs. Amherst.

This afternoon at 4 o'clock the base ball team will play Amherst on Soldiers Field. The Amherst team has not had a good record this season, losing to Brown 4 to 34, to Yale 6 to 15, and to Williams 5 to 6. Amherst's only victory was against Trinity, 4 to 3. Harvard defeated Amherst last year by a score of 14 to 0.

Two sections on the first base stand will be reserved for students only. Students are particularly requested to take these seats for this game.

The batting order: Harvard.  Amherst. Loughlin, c.f.  s.s., Biram. Kendall, 1b.  3b., Thompson. Reid, c.  c.f., Couch. Fincke, 2b.  l.f., Tinker. G. C. Clark, 3b.  r.f., Harris. George, s.s.  2b., Kent. Wendell, r.f.  c., Priddy. Devens, l.f.  1b., Favour Stillman, p.  p., Harroun.