Baseball Practice.

In the baseball practice yesterday afternoon the nine batted through twelve innings against the Second nine and made fifteen hits. Loughlin did the best work, making four clean singles. Kendall has been moved up to first place in the batting order on account of his ability to reach first base. As all the right handed batters are rather slow in starting after hitting the ball, particular attention was given to getting a quicker start. Dudley and Winsor alternated in pitching and the latter was very effective. Milne's catching was good and his throwing to bases accurate. The fielding practice was characterized by an unusually large number of bad throws. Clark's work especially was inaccurate. Fincke did the best work, though he was responsible for one bad throw.

The Freshmen practiced yesterday for the last time before the game with Yale on Saturday, and devoted all their time to batting practice. Jackson and Clarkson hit fairly well, but most of the balls were knocked into the fielders' hands. Baldwin, who has been kept from playing for a week by a sore finger, returned to work, and did some good batting.