Overseers' Meeting.

At yesterday's special meeting of the Board of Overseers it was voted to concur with the President and Fellows in the following appointments: William Guild Howard, A.M., to be Instructor in German; Charles Leonard Bouton Ph.D., to be Instructor in Mathematics; Elisha Wilson Morse B.A.S., to be Instructor in Natural History; Franz Pfaff M.D., to be Assistant-Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics for five years; Francis Henry Davenport M.D., to be Assistant-Professor of Gynaecology for five years; Lionel Simson Mark S.B., to be Assistant-Professor of Mechanical Engineering for five years. All the above appointments date from September 1, 1900.

Messrs. Folsom, Warren and Storrow were appointed a committee to superintend the election of Overseers on Commencement Day.