Lacrosse Next Year.

Owing to the encouraging showing made this year in lacrosse the management of the team is planning to extend the interest in the game next year. Early in the fall class captains will be appointed from the University squad and a regular interclass series will be played. Cups will be given to the members of the winning team.

The prospects of the University team next year are unusually good. The only man from the regular team who will not be available next year is Mortland, and his loss will be less felt as C. M. Guggenheimer 1L., R. H. Grimes 1L., and G. W. Knapp, Jr., 1L., who have played at Johns Hopkins but who were prevented from playing here this year because of the one year residence rule, will be eligible. All of these men are experienced players, especially Guggenheimer, who has coached the team this spring.