The Promenade Concert.

The programme for the promenade concert at Mechanics' Hall, tonight, will be as follows: TECHNOLOGY NIGHT. Last Appearance of Mr. Max Zach. 1.  March, "Merry Soldiers,"  Sabathil. 2.  Arabian Nights, Waltz,  Strauss. 3.  Selection, "Rounders." 4.  Solo for Violin, Largo,  Handel. Mr. Otto Roth. 5.  (a.) In the Mill,  Gillet.   (b.) Military March,  Zach. 6.  Nachtschwarmer, Waltz,  Ziehrer. 7.  Selections from "The Medicine Man"  Dickinson.   (a.) Overture.   (b.) Ghost Ballet Music. 8.  Tell Overture,  Rossini. 'Cello Obligato, Mr. J. Keller. 9.  Trovatore, Selection,  Verdi. 10.  Entr'acte, "Naila,"  Delibes. 11.  Camp-meeting in Georgia,  Mills. 12.  Hoch Habsburg March,  Kral.