The University Crew.

With the date of the departure of the University crew for New London, only a little over a week off, there is now little probability of any material change in the rowing order. The time row on Thursday was, however, far from being satisfactory, and it is evident that a distinct improvement must be shown in the boat before it can meet Yale on June 28 with any confidence as to the result.

The fact that in the last time row the first crew had, in the first two miles, nearly made up the start given the second crew, and had then fallen steadily behind, shows that the eight tends to go to pieces at the end of a long row. The minor faults which are easily corrected at the beginning rapidly give place to more serious ones as the men become tired; there is a noticeable lack of control, both in shoving down the legs and in holding them on the recover, and a very marked weakness at the finish. The catch is strong, but the stroke is not held out powerfully to the end, and on the recover the men when tired rush their slides.

Higginson is rowing as smoothly as any man in the boat, and has lost none of his idea of time and beat. Sheafe at 7 follows well, but does not finish the stroke through strongly as he uses up his leg power too soon and carries the weight of the finish on his back and arms alone. Bancroft at 6 showed in the last mile of the time row a noticeable lack of leg and slide control. His strength, however, is very effective and makes up for any other slight deficiencies. Ladd at 5 is often late at the catch, but is soon coached out of the fault after a row is well started. Harding yesterday replaced Lawrence at 4. Lawrence tended to be late at the catch, and slow in getting his hands away. Wood at 3 pulls one of the strongest oars in the boat, which makes up for a little awkwardness with his hands and in his blade work. He has a tendency to crouch in his seat and to let his head drop between his shoulders at the catch, which makes him appear not to be working smoothly. Bullard, at 2, swings back too far, and is late on the recover. He is lightly built and does not give the impression of being strong enough to stand a long race; this, however, has been disproved by his good work in the time rows. Biddle at bow, rows a steady, powerful oar, is especially strong at the catch and does not weaken at the finish. He tends, however, to clip at times.

Of the men in the second crew G. Bancroft, stroke; McConnell, 5, and Shuebruk, 6, are the most prominent. Fitzgerald, who has been alternating with Evans at 2, is also promising. The other men are not far below the average, and should make a close competition for the substitute positions.