Football Practice.

The football squad was increased yesterday afternoon by the return of Campbell '02, end on last year's eleven, Hollingsworth '02, Putnam '01, J. S. Lawrence '01, Miller '01, Mifflin '01, Swan '03 and Cudaha '03. W. A. Boal '00, M. Donald '99, B. G. Waters '95, W. H. Lewis '95 and J. S. Cochrane '99 were out in football clothes, and worked hard over the linesmen. The preliminary practice at punting, tackling and breaking through was hard and fast and it was late in the afternoon before the first eleven lined up against the third of two halves of eight and five minutes each. In the signal practice, the coaches drilled the backs carefully in the formation of the plays, but in the line-up the results of this were hardly apparent. The first eleven made good interference and gained repeatedly around the ends, but could not make any gain through the line. Fumbling at critical times also marred the playing of the first eleven's backs. Kendall was tried at full-back for a short time, but his punting was erratic and careless. He also does not hit the line with his last year's form. So strong was the defense of the third eleven, that the first failed to get nearer than he twenty-yard line to its goal. Both Kendall and Sawin made long end runs, but fumbles spoiled the chances of scoring in both cases. The work was the hardest the squad has yet done, but no injuries resulted from it and little exhaustion was apparent.

The second and fourth elevens lined up next. The second was much the stronger and scored twice in two short halves.

The line-up of the first and third teams follows: First Eleven.  Third Eleven. Hallowell, r.e.  l.e., B. Taylor J. Lawrence, r.t.  l.t., R. Lawrence Barnard, r.g.  l.g., Jackson Sargent, c.  c., Roberts Lee, l.g.  r.g., Rainsford Knowlton, l.t.  r.t., Lewis Hawkins, l.e.  r.e., Morse Daly, Sherlock, q.b.  q.b., L. Daly Kendall, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Putnam Gierasch, l.h.b.  r.h.b., J. S. Lawrence Stillman, f.b.  f.b., W. R. Lawrence