Sessions of Learned Societies.

At a meeting of the American Historical Association in Detroit on Dec. 27, Prof. A. C. Coolidge and Mr. A. L. P. Dennis of Harvard spoke on the various aspects of the crusades. The American Folk Lore Society met with the American Society of Nationalists and associated societies at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Dec. 28. Officers were elected for the ensuing year as follows: President, Dr. Frank Russell, Harvard: first vice-president. Professor Livingston Ferrand, Columbia: second vice-president. Dr. G. A. Dorsey, Field Columbian Museum, Chicago; councillors Dr. R. B. Dixon, Harvard; Mr. S. Hagar, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Dr. A. L. Kroeber, San Francisco. The other officers were held over.

The Congress of the Archaeological and Philogical Societies, which consists of seven separate divisions, was held at Philadelphia on Dec. 28. There were present about five hundred representatives of colleges throughout the United States. From Harvard were Professors J. W. White, J. H. Wright J. H. Thayer, C. L. Smith, C. B. Gulick, J. W. Platner, Dr. J. D. M. Ford, Dr. W. H. Schofield, and Mr. W. T. Harris. At the general meeting, President Gilman of Johns Hopkins University and Professor J. W. White of Harvard presided.

The three-days meeting of the Geological Society of America opened in Albany on Dec. 27. Harvard was represented by Professor N. S. Shaler, Professor W. M. Davis, Professor Wolff and Mr. J. B. Woodworth. Professor Davis gave three papers before the meetings, "Excursion to the Colorado Canyon," "Peneplain of Brittany," and "Notes on River Terraces."