Articles and Books by Harvard Men.

The following articles by Harvard men appear in the current magazines: "The Caucasus," the third of a series of chapters on "Russia of Today," by Henry Norman, M. P., Harvard '81, January Scribner's: "The X-Rays in Medicine," by Francis H. Williams, M.D., '77, and "The Public Library in the United States," by Herbert Putnam '83, January International: "Some Emerson Memorials," by Edward Everett Hale '39, Outlook of Dec. 29: "The Study of Mammalian Embryology" by Professor C. S. Minot, December American Naturalist: "On the Variation of the Statoblasts of Pectinatella Magniflea from Lake Michigan, at Chicago," by Professor C. B. Davenport. "Studies on the Cause of the Accelerating Effect of Heat upon Growth," by T. W. Galloway '90, "Pearson's Grammar of Science," by C. S. Pierce '95, and "Chapters on the Stars," by Professor Simon Newcomb '58, January. Popular Science Monthly; "Doctrine of Non-resistance," by John Jay Chapman '84, January Mind; "Current Notes on Meteorology," by R. DeC. Ward '89, Science of Dec. 28.

The tenth and last volume of a library edition of the complete works of Edward Everett Hale '39 has been announced for immediate publication by Little, Brown & Co. The new book will contain all the poems which Dr. Hale has written in the last fifty years.