Scrub Football Schedule.

The following schedule has been arranged for the scrub football series:

Monday, Oct. 21, Section I--Honkatonks vs. Wallowers, Velvets vs. Also Rans.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, Section II--Mudhoppers vs. Quadequinas, Rough Riders vs. Cowboys.

Wednesday, Oct. 23, Section I--Honkatonks vs. Velvets, Wallowers vs. Also Rans.

Thursday, Oct.24, Section II--Mudhoppers vs. Rough Riders, Quadequinas vs. Cowboys.

Friday, Oct. 25, Section I--Honkatonks vs. Also Rans, Wallowers vs. Velvets.

Monday, Oct. 28, Section II--Mudhoppers vs. Cowboys, Quadequinas vs. Rough Riders.

Wednesday, Oct. 30--Winner of Section I vs. winner of Section II.